Why Your Garage Door is so Important If you Live in Phoenix AZ

While not everyone who lives in Phoenix, AZ. has a garage, the residents who do have a garage should understand the importance of a functional and well-maintained garage door. The primary function of a garage door is to protect your vehicle and other belongings while they are being stored in your garage. In Phoenix, it’s especially important because not only does your garage door protect your vehicle from theft and break-ins, it helps to keep your home secure by adding extra protection against anyone attempting to gain entry into your home through the garage. Whether you own a new home with a garage or are planning on adding a garage to your existing home, it’s crucial that you hire a qualified garage door service provider to keep your garage door working its best.

What to look for in a garage door service provider

A garage is extremely important part of a Phoenix home because it allows access to the home without leaving the car in the hot Phoenix sun and extreme temperatures. this is one reason why it’s so important to use a quality garage door service Phoenix AZ that has experience and knowledge in garage door repair, replacement and understands the importance of regular maintenance. A good service company should be licensed and bonded and have a good service history with references.

The importance of a properly working garage door

When considering your garage door, one of your first concerns should be safety. A nonworking or damaged garage door can lead to injuries and sometimes even fatalities as well as cause damage to your vehicle. To avoid injuries to family members and damage to vehicles, have your garage door inspected regularly and have it serviced immediately when there are signs of damage or that it isn’t working as it should. According to the CPSC, many garage door accidents and deaths can be prevented by keeping your garage door working properly and up to code. This means regular maintenance of all parts, sensors, and other equipment related to your garage door.

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How Your garage door protects your home and family

Like other entry points in your home, your garage door is vulnerable to attack from intruders hoping to gain access to your vehicle or home. If your garage door isn’t secure or working properly, it could be used by
burglars as an entry point to your home.

The dangers DIY garage door repairs

There are two types of garage door springs: torsion springs and extension springs. Both types of springs are very strong and can cause severe injury or death if not handle or installed properly. Only an expert should install new springs or service the existing springs on your garage door. Many people are injured each year while attempting to service their own garage doors. Always use a quality and reputable garage door service for all your garage door repairs and maintenance. While doing it yourself could save you some money upfront, you could end up losing more money in damage and injuries due to improper DIY repair or installation.