Top Five Halloween Decorations for HR Managers

You want to be a good HR manager? We have all been there. It can be hard to lead your department and get everything right. Files can be misplaced, paychecks sent to the wrong address, and birthdays forgotten. But, luckily, holidays are something we never forget.

We always remember holidays. This gives you something to play with. Particularly, you can create the best holiday-themed office experience possible. To make your workplace fun, consider following these five tips for Halloween decorations!

#1 A Spooky Entrance Way

Usher your workers into an office of terror with a spooky archway. While not inherently spooky, an old, decrepit archway can really set the mood for a day of office-friendly terror. Your employees will love the atmosphere and tremble with an anticipation for what is instore! If you do not want to buy a prefabricated decoration for your entrance way, you should consider building one yourself. You can use silly string to make pseudo-cobwebs, cardboard to design the overall structure, and red spray paint for an ominous tone.

#2 Unexpected Guests

A cute decoration to incorporate is some unexpected guests, a group of witches! From a line of them at the receptionists desk or welcome them into the staffroom, they are sure to get a laugh out of even the shrewdest of employees. To add to the fun, you can construct these witches yourself! You will need brooms, which can be found in any supply closet, pumpkins, which can be purchased with ease, and some dark robes! For inspiration, take something like this for example.

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#3 A Slimey Encounter

A harmless and hilarious Halloween prank can be achieved with the help of a plastic lizard or frog. Merely put the figurine in a relatively low traffic location, like an old bookcase. Because people rarely go there, they will not immediately notice the figurine. And more importantly, they will not have a memory of the location, meaning they will not know something is off. Hopefully as they approach, they will not spot our figurine until they are good and spooked!

#4 Guardians for Your Office

You do not want your employees to feel too scared. After all, they cannot be productive if they are too scared! We do not want them looking over their shoulder. Rather, we want them to feel like this is all fun and games. Thus, your employees need a guardian!

Any gargoyle statues have been protectors since the early gothic era in Europe. They have famously defended Notre Dame, the pinnacle of gothic architecture. To help your employees feel at ease, what could be a better protector? Absolutely nothing!

#5 Something Sweet

If all else fails, you can always bride your employees. Give them a memorable Halloween by doing some ‘reverse’ trick-or-treating. Walk about the office giving away candy to whichever employee shows you their best mummy walk or zombie face.

Alternatively, you can leave a bowl of candy by your desk. This would incentivized your employees to interact with you, allowing you to do your job even better. If you are a people person, this can be a major plus!