Tips to Save Money on the Air Conditioning Bill 

During the hot and humid months of summer in Cincinnati, the air condition unit gets used often. The heating bill gets higher and the need to find alternative ways to cool off is welcome. Here are some tips to save money on an air conditioning cincinnati oh bill each month:

Residential Fans to Save on AC Costs

In order to keep the heat away from the body while the air conditioner is shut off, use residential fans. Using the fans that are already in the home or apartment will save money on the air conditioning bill or cut it in half. The technique provides cooler circulating air in the home. Place and operate a fan in an upper-level window of the home. For example, in the bedroom, den or the attic window.

While the fan is circulating the outside air into the home, open the window on the lower level. It is best to open the window close to the windward side of the home. In other words, open the window on the side of the house where the wind is blowing from that direction. In an apartment or ranch style home, the method is the same. Just place the fan in a room farther away from the room of the open window.

Inspect the Air Conditioner Keep Up the Yearly Maintenance

It is very important that the air conditioner is working properly. So, maintaining good maintenance of the air conditioner is to check the pipes and the outside of the unit. Look for holes, splits or cracks in the unit that will allow air leaks. Unfortunately, air leaks are one of the major causes of higher energy bills.
Also, keep the air conditioner running in good condition by eliminating leaves and branches from the unit. Keep the outside of the unit clean and free of debris or pollen at all times. This will cut the cost of an overly worked air conditioner and the high expense of maintenance fees.

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Use a Bed Fan to Cut and Save on the AC Bill

Instead of using the air conditioning to cool the whole house at night, use a bed fan. Save a lot of money and still circulate a cool and comfortable breeze between the sheets. The bed fan can work better than running the AC at night. This allows a homeowner or a renter to save money on their cooling bill.

Make Sure the Ceiling Fans is Rotating in the Right Direction

Using ceiling fans will save a great deal of money on the AC bill. So, make sure that the ceiling fans in each room are working in the correct manner. For instance, if the fan is turning counterclockwise, the air will circulate downward into the room. However, if the fan is turning clockwise, the air is circulating up which is not the direction that is needed. When the fan is in the correct position, it moves the hot air downward which allows the cool air to circulate around the living area eliminating the use of the AC.