Tips on Designing Green Space For a Small House

Along with the changing times, the concept of green homes is increasingly in demand of many people. Greenhouse or often called green space in the house is a unique concept that utilizes a corner or a small room as a place to plant green plants. In contrast to parks that require large land, green space can be created in a small corner, wall, or part of a small house and rarely used. Here are tips to take advantage of limited space in your home to design green space.

Determine the position of green space in your home

This green space can be realized in indoor or outdoor. Pay attention to places that were previously underutilized in your home. Re-consideration to utilize these places as green space in your home.

Balcony House


You can turn an empty balcony of your home or that contain clothes as green space. Because the position is located outside (outdoor), green plants will get enough sunlight. The balcony of the house is full of greenery

Backroom of the house


The rooms are generally located at the back of the house like the kitchen and the clothesline can also your magic into a small green space. Beautiful scenery, cooking and lifting clothes are not boring!

3. Indoor Room

Rooms such as rooms and living rooms that are not exposed to direct sunlight can also be used as a green space by selecting certain plants that can live without light like cactus, fuchsia flowers, or impatiens flowers. Another option is to use a plastic plant that is just cleaned up occasionally.

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Because the place is very limited, you should really pay attention to the concept of green space design that you will use. Try to design with a simple and not too complicated so that the room does not feel crowded and full.

4. Design green space with hanging plants

You can use the hanging design on the wall or ceiling of your home. Cans, glasses, wooden boxes and used bottles can serve as your container plants. Collect small plant pots into a series of iron or a rope hanger. Decorate your container plants to make it more interesting!

Used wooden boxes can also be used as a pot with a classic impression. And if you decide to use a wooden box as a pot, seal the bottom of the box with plastic so that the wood does not quickly decay. Plants suitable for use in this design are natural plants such as basil, aloe vera, rosemary, oregano, parsley, etc.

5. Green space design with full plant

Although using the full plant concept, you still have to pay attention to the distance between plants. You can grow crops like grapes and watermelons whose leaves sprout on the walls of the house such as terraces and balconies.

Bamboo plants whose position is tight around the room can also give the impression of a quiet forest. In addition, you can also plant grass as a natural carpet. The feel of the room is guaranteed to turn out to be very beautiful and cool!