The Importance of Roof Maintenance on a Home

One of the biggest investments a person can make in their lifetime is the purchase of a home. However, having a home requires a significant amount of maintenance and upkeep to maintain the value and aesthetic appearance of the home.

For many homeowners, the primary focus of upkeep is usually focused on the interior of the home and its décor. While interior beautification is a part of a person’s private space, the interior of the home can be damaged by not properly maintaining the exterior of the home. This is particularly the problem when a roof is not maintained. While it may seem that maintaining a roof is not a priority for the interior of the home, this would be a false assumption. When the roof of a home is not properly maintained, the interior of the home can become damaged.

Understanding a Home’s Roof Health

Roofs that start to fail can cause a home to be subjected to water damage in walls, ceilings, attics and furnishings. Additionally, a faulty roof can cause mold to begin to grow inside the home. This happens when roof tiles start to buckle and water seeps in underneath the roof tiles. Once this occurs, mold can readily spread throughout an attic area and start to infiltrate into walls and ceilings. Of all the damage that can be caused from a deteriorating roof, mold is often the most hazardous. This is because mold can significantly affect people’s lungs and overall health. Water leakage can also cause problems to electrical circuits and wiring.

Another concern with buckling roof tiles on a home is the infestation of moss on a roof. Moss is a forest floor growth which often grows in the same type of environment as mold. Moss can cause a smaller area of roof damage to grow as the moss invades the sub roofing under the tiles. This often leads to roof leaks and interior damage as well.
The good news is there are things that can be done to protect a home from these types of roof damage. The most important thing is to be conscientious of the health and condition of the roof of your home. Trees that overhang a roof can be one of the main causes of mold and moss growth. It is especially important to keep trees that overhang a roof area trimmed.

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Additionally, trees that overhang a roof can pose a serious potential risk in the event of a storm. Thousands of homes a year become damaged because of trees. Falling branches, limbs and uprooted trees can cause significant damage to a home. This can happen during hurricanes, tornadoes and even bad thunderstorms.

Homeowners who have experienced signs of roof damage can find help. Through the help of a professional roof company orange city flresidents can get the right kind of preventative and restorative care for their roofs. Several times a year, homeowners should make a visual inspection of the roof for damage. This is especially important after any significant storm.

The first signs of roof damage are usually noticed when a few roof tiles show a warped buckling. This may seem minor and cover only a small area at first. However, if this is left unattended the area of damage will likely grow. Checking a roof after every storm and before and after any stormy season can help a homeowner catch any problems early and protect the longevity of their roof and home.