The Grill and Outdoor Cooking

It is unique circular shape with a cone like basin and an extended lip for cooking. The Ofyr outdoor cooking grill is a new shape for the cooking instrument.  In the cone like basin wood logs are placed. When the flames are consistent, a wire grill or the grill round is paced over the top of the flames. The grilling can begin as soon as the extended lip gets hot.


The Classic is just a large enough circumference for one cook to maneuver easily around the grill. All grills are circular, and the classic has a diameter of 38.5 inches. The cone is made of heat-resistant coated Corten. The extended lip or plate is made of black carbon steel.

The XL us a 59-inch diameter circular grill that’s large enough for two cooks to maneuver without interfering with each other’s movements. It’s great for cooking for large groups. It’s the perfect tool for entertaining.

 Grill Options

The Classic Grill comes with a stand that brings the entire height of the combination grill and stand to your choice of 33.5 or 39.4 inches in height. You can select the open stand that allows you to store wood in the open side. You also have the option of placing the grill cone atop the Island which also has storage for wood and measures 17 3/4″ deep by 65 3/4″ wide and 39 1/4″ high.


Almost any food could be cooked on the plate or lip. Seafood, especially shellfish can be cooked to perfection on the plate. Simply oil the plate and then place your fish directly on it to cook. Lobster in the shell, oysters in the shell, individual shrimp or shrimp on skewers and Season it while cooing or baste beforehand. Vegetables cook to a grilled perfection: avocado, okra, peas, potatoes, onion, asparagus, eggplant, peppers, squash, etc. Cook breakfast; eggs, bacon and sausage cook with ease on the plate. Cook the whole meal on the plate. Sauces and omelets can be placed in small sauce pans and skillets and cooked directly on the plate while steak is grilling on the grill round atop the dancing flames.

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A Very Versatile Grill

Use the grill as an outdoor fire to gather around when entertaining at night. Let it serve multiple purposes, by cooking on the plate while toasting marshmallows or making s’mores. It makes a decorative addition to any outdoor landscape. Set up your entire outdoor kitchen around the centrally located grill. Use the stand or the island and add storage for the logs. The grill is very versatile allowing for many different foods to be cooked to perfection.

Cooking outdoors has evolved from the basic brazier-style grill, to the Weber grill and other gas grills to the grill. The grill stands out from the others because of its versatility in cooking. Cook everything you’re eating at the grill from vegetables to meats and from desserts to sauces.