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PNWC’s Government Contracting Update

The employment relationship includes not only employer and employee but additionally the particular of the employment contract between them. Any subs or materials suppliers who do not receives a commission by the contractor can put a lien on your home. The majority of contractors work full-time, but they often have to put in extra hours to meet deadlines and respond to emergencies. As per Section 12 – Licensing of contractors: No Contractor shall undertake or execute any work by means of contract labour except license issued by licensing officer. This test spells out 20 questions that clarify who is an employee and who’s an impartial contractor.

My lawyer’s response to all this was to sue, as I would win, however I must pay him the equal of 2 months wage in advance, and still haven’t any earnings for the following 12 months! In this case, the employee, working as a …