Moving, Storing, and Relocating Checklist

One of the biggest questions families ask when they must move from one part of the United States to another is how to relocate safely. It is not the driving from one place to another that is the bulk of the work, but all the behind the scenes planning, packing, storing and arranging everything for the deadline day of the move. There are other concerns that are just as important in the whole moving and storage plans. It reminds me of the movie “Home Alone” when the family left on a vacation together to Paris, France. On the day of the vacation they were so excited they left one of the kids behind. Hence, the title “Home Alone.”

That is why transitioning out of one place is just as important as transitioning into another place. A few years ago, a friend of mine was to attend Regis University so in the first few hours of planning their move were using a search engine to locate moving companies denver. My friend was interested in finding a company that would both help her to relocate but also has a relocation service near where she was moving from. Thanks to a handy search engine she was able to narrow her search and find what she was searching for. This was only the first day.

Week Four Before Move

One of the things that have helped thousands of families transition from one location to another is to use a checklist, which is recommended by every major vendor. Mail has to be forwarded, so a visit to the Post Office is called for to fill out a mail forwarding card; that is, if you already have a place you are moving to. If you plan to use the same car insurer as present, then you still need to contact your local dealer to put you in touch with another agent in the city or state you are moving to. If you are like most people who accumulate things, then you may want to leave things behind. You’ll need to set up a yard sale or call your friends and neighbors and offer some free items to them.

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Halfway There

About the halfway mark there are two things most helpful in planning to move. First, have someone who has been thru it before to look over your checklist. Secondly, putting everything in boxes before the last week. When everything that can be moved by the movers is already cared for, then time left can be in putting together only those things that will be needed the first few days after you arrive at your new location; that is, if all goes according to the plan with your moving company. On moving day, make sure your main number, contact information, and forwarding address are given to friends and neighbors, schools and doctors staff, in the case someone has to contact you or a member of the family.