Installing A Pool at Your Home

One of the best things about summer weather is the ability for you to enjoy a swim in your own backyard pool. People who own homes with a yard will ultimately plan on installing a pool, even those with a small enclosure. Having a pool put in will take some planning and decision making on your part. You may want to have a small wading pool, or a large in ground oasis. No matter what you decide to do, it is imperative that you find a good contractor to do the work. A search on the internet will find that there are many above ground swimming pools Minneapolis MN installers that you can contact. They will come to your home and access what you have and what you can put in.

Deciding Between Above Ground and In Ground Pools

Each pool you pick will have its own maintenance needs. Obviously, small pools will require less while large pools will need a lot more work. Above ground pools normally are put in by the homeowner but it takes a lot of work. Hiring a professional pool contractor is a better choice. They can furnish the type of pool you want, circular or oval shaped, and have it put in your backyard. They will work with the local authorities to obtain permits for the installation and will advise you on any special needs you have to make, such as a security fence around the pool. Many towns now require this for the safety of residents in the area. In ground pools always need to be installed by professionals and will take much more time to install. The ground needs to be dug out and filter lines installed. Then the framing for the pool can be put in.

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Pool Shape and Size

Above ground pools typically come in just two shapes but will come in a variety of depths. They could be three or four feet deep. When you are deciding on the depth of your pool, take into consideration future needs. While a three-foot pool may be convenient now, you may need a deeper pool later. In ground pools can be shaped into almost anything you want. There are round ones, oval ones and even kidney shaped ones. The choice depends on what you want. The depth of an in-ground pool will vary, typically from a three foot it will graduate to a six-foot depth. Markers will be included in the design to make sure you know where the depth changes are.

After the work is done, there is nothing left to do but enjoy your pool. Regular maintenance should be done to increase the life of the pool. Inspect above ground pool liners for any tears and have them repaired immediately. Your pool can last for many years with the right care. The pool contractor you hire will provide you with any guarantees that come with the structure as well as his installation. Keep these records safe.