Frames Available for Many Applications and Every Decor!

Designing your home can be a bit of a challenge. One thing most people have in common are pictures. Whether it is family portraits, artwork, or certificates of achievement, there are many things that need to be framed and displayed. Finding the right frame for the job is sometimes a challenge, and Interior Designers sometimes need several options for their clients to choose from.

Why Purchase in Quantity?

As mentioned above, interior design is an art that is best fitted to the appropriate creative individual. When someone with an eye for décor comes across something, they can immediately see the potential. With an order for frames, a designer can keep a few options on hand to match the customer’s request, or the designer’s vision. With the versatility of having a ‘buffet’ of items to choose from, the creative process can begin without waiting for delivery. He or she can create a space that reflects the unique design they are creating.

Other That Big Box Stores, How Can Frames Be Purchased?

There are many picture frames for sale online. Wholesalers can offer a reduced price to purchase several picture frames at one time. Many customers are purchasing frames for their home, even if they are not a designer. Most retailers offer a few different types of frames, however with an online wholesaler there are many more options to choose from, made with many different materials.

What Are the Picture Frames Made With?

There are several different materials used in making picture frames, depending on what your desired look is. Wood frames are a common and popular choice, as they are durable, match most décor and can be designed with many different finishes. Even the type of wood can vary, too. Another frame that is commonly seen and used is metal. These are made with aluminum and finished in colors such as gold, silver, copper, black or even red.

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For an even more unique option, shadowbox frames are a beautiful addition to a home. These can display many types of décor and add a focal point to a hallway or foyer.

What If an Item Doesn’t Fit A Standard Frame Size?

To be honest, there are many documents and photographs that just will not fit into a standard frame! The answer to this dilemma is simple, a Custom Frame! Custom frames are made to order, they are made to the customer’s specifications. Material, size, color, type, and design is all up to the buyer. Those odd-sized school portraits, the pretty artwork your daughter made, or the giant picture of Grandma and Grandpa that you could never quite fit into anything, can be handled with a custom frame. A quick phone call to a frame wholesaler, can get you exactly what you need.

Interior Design is an artform that would obviously benefit from keeping an inventory of frames available, to keep an assortment to choose from for each new customer. Because every home is unique, making sure to have your basis covered is a no-brainer.