A solution that will allow automation of indoor farming.

With today’s technology and innovation gardening has become much easier than it used to be many years ago. Today we have technology that allows us to grow plants both inside and outside our house and with the weather that people have to deal with in certain area depending on where they live, some might want to start an Indoor Automated Farming Solution mi because that way they do not have to worry about their plant suffering from bad weather condition. There are many ways for implementing an indoor farming solution because, with today’s technology, there is an automatic watering system, and information technology that will allow one to monitor their plant while they are away. With these systems in place, it is much easier to farm indoor because one can track the water, moist, heat and amount of sunlight going into their greenhouse at any moment just by accessing their phone.

There are many solution for implementing indoor farming such as using camera to watch the plant and manage them from a distance, or hiring people to watch the plant once or twice a day and make sure that the plant are in good condition by watering the plant at the right time with the right temperature. With peer or peer camera one can also do it themselves without hiring a special IT professional to setup the cameras for them.

When finding a solution for farming indoor it is also important to understand the safety of implementing such a solution. Although we must know how to grow plant indoor different technology to make managing the plant easily, we also need to understand how to make it safe for us to eat the plant. One needs to be able to control the environment and protect it from “contaminants from the air, runoff or insects that can lead to recalls in field-grown greens, such as the mass romaine recall last year after E. coli exposure sickened more than 40 people”. (August 07, 2019) The best way to control environmental contamination is to ensure that their bugs and other harmful pesticides can get into the greenhouse. This can be prevented using bug spray and another preventative on the shelf solution.

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In conclusion it is not too difficult to implement a solution for farming indoor with the help of today’s technology and automation, however, to implement the solution, it can be costly because as the farm grows, it will become much more difficult to manage all of the plants inside, so more money will need to be spent on technology like cameras, water system, pipe maintenance, heat and pest control to ensure that plant can grow healthy while it is safe for consumer to eat. Control water and temperature will be the most two important tasks when farming indoor because too little water can cause the root of the plant to dry out and too much water can cause the plant to die. As for the temperature, keep it at the right temperature can mean the differences between having to waste more or less water.