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Important Information About Lawn Care and Fertilizer Application The health of your lawn is actually a reflection of how capable and responsible you are as a homeowner. An ideal lawn should be exuberant, green, and weed free, however, we all know that it takes more than just sprinklers in maintaining your lawn. It requires the time and energy of the residential homeowner. There are other options that you could do and that is to hire lawn care companies. These companies will make sure that your lawn and landscapes are maintained for the whole year, and the cost of their services are very reasonable. Below are some guidelines from professionals on how you could maintain your lawn and how to apply fertilizers: Do not cut the grass when its length is still short. The acceptable length for mowing is 3 to 4 inches. The longer the blades, the stronger the roots. This also allows the grass to have better absorption of food and water.
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Set the sprinklers of your lawn early in the morning. Make sure that you water your lawn right before the sun will come up. For places that has a warm weather it is best that sods would be watered in the morning so the grass will have enough time to absorb the water and be prepared for the dry weather.
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It is also good for your lawn to rest. The meaning of rest for lawns is that it will not be touched for a whole month. This is good for lawns that are in places that experiences warm climate. The aim of this process is to help your lawn develop its very own method of recovery during the dry weather. During fall, you may go back to mowing, fertilizing, and watering your lawn. Make a schedule on when will you apply fertilizers on your lawn. It is not advisable to apply fertilizer during the summer. September or the fall season is the best period for you fertilize the grass of your lawn. Grass are feeding on more nutrients during this time of the year since they are also preparing for the cold weather. For new sods, make use of starter fertilizers. This plant food is filled with potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorous. Professional lawn care company will conduct a soil test on your lawn and provide you with the type of fertilizer that would be great for your lawn.Do not apply weed killers on new grass sods. Anti weed compounds can actually kill your new lawn. Grasses that grow better in cold climate are Bluegrasses, Fescues and Ryegrasses. Feed these lawn early in the fall at least once or twice.