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Some Types of Home Decorative Concretes

Flat concrete are sometimes placed midst some bands of decorative concrete. The size of these bands will rely on how wide the concrete area, and how you wish the area to appear. Decorative concretes vary depending on the function and they are stamped, salt finish, exposed aggregate, colored concrete and more.

One other type of decorative concrete are broom finishes. Depending on the broom’s strands, broom finish concretes may be coarse or light. Broom finishes have a non-slip surface, making it very functional to use. Be very careful when selecting a broom to be used for these types of concrete.

Colored concrete is also used as decorative concrete depending on the function. Moreover, there are different forms of colored concrete. One type is poured on top of the actual concrete and the other goes along with the mix.

Some construction companies user exposed aggregates as a kind of decorative concrete. They are characterized with colorful rock features that you see in many landscape designs. Exposed aggregates are formed by the upper layer of cement paste washed off through sandblasting, water pressure or chemical ways. Like those in colored concrete, these rocks can be formed along with the mix or can be set up separately.

Another type of decorative concrete is the textured concrete which may either be float or trowel. This is among the most enjoyable concrete to make because of the shapes and swirls, as we as the various forms of size arcs that go along with it. Whether you choose to have these texture concretes for your residences in smooth, coarse of medium, they offer the same best quality. The results depend of the tools used the make the design. Such as, choosing wooden floats will result to coarse concrete make-up while opting for steel trowels or aluminum floats will result to smooth designs.

Another beautiful form of house and residence decorative concrete is painting concrete. As long as you are certain it is a well-cured concrete, you can simply paint the decorative concrete with any color you like, making it one of the simplest in the various types of decorative concrete.

The rock slat finish is the final type of concrete for your landscape design needs. It is a simple kind of decorative concrete much like the painting concrete, which employs a specific technique for it to work best. The technique involves materials such as the rollers which press down the basic water softener salt crystals at a meager one-eighth to three-eighths inches on top of the concrete. When the concrete is already dry, the worker has to dissolve the salt unnecessary in the process and make small holes. Do not hesitate to work on your limitless imagination to think of how to execute the designs of the decorative concrete, for a livable and beautiful home valued high in the market.

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