Very Common Methods For Charlotte Weed Control

Any homeowners who cares about the look of their landscape will dread the appearance of weeds in their yard. Homeowners with a “green thumb” often spend dozens of hours over the course of an entire year ridding yards and gardens of weeds. Lucky for you there just might be an easier way to control the weeds growing around your home.

Homeowners battling countless weeds probably don’t realize that they may be doing something to cause the increase in population. Every yard is populated with weed seeds. However, it’s important to note that the potential for growth will depend on where the seeds are located in the ground. Seeds that are closer to the surface are more likely to have the opportunity to grow. That being said, try to avoid digging up soil and exposing the seeds underneath.

One of the best tools to use for Charlotte weed control is a good weed killer. There are a number of companies that produce very smart and well manufactured herbicides. It’s important to note the kind of herbicide that you’ll be using on your weeds. Certain herbicides are made to attack and kill certain types of weeds. For instance, pre-emergence herbicides prevent weed seeds from germinating and growing. If you have weeds that are already growing, you’ll need to use a post-emergence herbicide.

Another way to control and prevent weeds from growing is to use mulch. Weed seeds have a chance to germinate and grow when they’re exposed to sunlight. So, taking steps to deprive these seeds of sunlight is one of the best ways to go. Mulch can be added to any plant garden in order to prevent light from hitting the seeds. Mulch cools the soil and provides moisture as well. In fact, there are certain insects that are attracted to mulch, such as crickets and beetles. These insects actually love to eat weeds, which means you’ll have two means of preventing weeds from growing.

Take these tips into account in order to grow a great garden and lush green yard. Remember to refrain from tilting soil in order to avoid bringing weed seeds to the surface. Focus on the right herbicide to use, and always consider adding mulch in the right places.