The Popularity of Sea Glass

I was introduced to sea glass and the art of sea glassing just a few short years ago by a friend. I have to say that on the first day I went out I had an absolutely amazing find. It was just as we had decided it was time to go. I saw an object in the water and decided, OK, this will be my last one. I was hooked.

Since then I have read a lot about sea glass. I like to learn about the history of glass and what type of glass is found in different regions of the United States and around the world. Luckily there are many different sources for this information. One of the most popular authors about sea glass is Richard LaMotte. His book Pure Glass is fascinating and a must have for anyone who collects sea glass.

I have also started selling my sea glass jewelry under the name Sea Glass Visions. I have a wide variety of pieces made with glass, sea pottery and porcelain and sea shells. Here is a very good article from the New York Times that talks about sea glassing you may find enjoyable and informative.