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What to Know About Plantation Shutters Plantation shutters are normally interior blinds made from wooden slats mounted on solid frames. Shutter designs usually facilitate the flow of air through structures in warm climates, while creating shade to ensure that the structure stays cool. At times, these shutters are called jalousies or louvres, and they come in different shapes and sizes that are best for different kinds of doors and windows. In the past, plantation shutters were only installed in window spaces where there was no glass. During harsh weather conditions, these shutters could be closed, and opened when the weather was warm. The origin of the name plantation shutters is from the fact that these shutters were being used in many plantation homes. It is easy for plantation shutters to be pulled open for more ventilation because they come with hinges. Since many of these shutters come in hinged panel sets that can be folded across windows, they give people the chance of folding a part of the shutter to meet their needs.
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Some plantation shutters are available in cafe style, and these cover only a certain part of the window. These provide users with the privacy they need without covering the whole window. Shutters of the louvre type can be designed to fit tricky spaces, and these are such as circular and triangular windows. These can be custom-made easily for your custom spaces.
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Most homes have shutters that are separated from different elements of the weather by glass windows. Some casual or older homes do not have glass windows in place, but these might come with removable windows that can be stored during warm weather, and installed during winter to ensure that the interior of the home is protected from rain and wind among other things. It is possible for you to get shutters that have been made from plastic and other composite materials even though wood is the main material that is used for making plantation shutters. This ensures that you have the chance of giving your home a different or new look. There are people who are concerned about ethical implications of using wood, and thus choose to use recycled composite materials. Depending on the kind of material that has been used, these materials can be painted or dyed. In comparison to traditional wooden shutters, there are people who find composite materials easier to clean. These materials are seen to be more durable and do not fade or crack easily after being exposed to the sun. You can get the plantation shutters that will be best for your home since they come in different designs, shapes and materials.