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Top 4 Things That Will Ruin Your Plantation Shutters Plantation shutters are one of the best window treatments used by interior designers today. These come in different styles, shapes and colors thus giving different people a variety of options based on their tastes and preferences. One thing remains true though is the fact that plantation shutters are appealing and have the ability to transform how a house looks without doing anything much. However, before making plantation shutters your preferred window treatment, it is important that you understand how to take care of them and avoid making some of the common mistakes most people make. Taking size for granted This is the first common mistake that most people make when installing shutters. Shutters are available in different sizes as measured in inches. What you go for will depend on the size of the windows that need to be treated. Failing to put this into consideration results in in straining the shutters either by overstretching them. When plantation shutters are stretched beyond their limit, they tend to lose their original form and appeal. The appeal is a necessary consideration at all times. You may need to consult a professional to get the sizes right.
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The material of the plantation shutter has a great influence on the look that you are likely to achieve if you want shutters that last long and look great then you should go for wooden shutters. Alternatively, composite shutters are affordable but may not last as long as wood will. Composite shutters on the other hand are also averagely attractive and cost effective but may not last as long as you want. Choosing your budget right will ensure that you end up with the right plantation shutter that will serve you well for long enough. Not knowing your finish Shutters are primarily meant to improve the look of a house. The right shutters have the ability to improve the general look of the house. Finishes are in two different types mainly paints and stains. Paint works well for most houses and can be a plus when you are selling your house. Stains on the other hand will help you bring warmth and see the different grains in your home. Hiring an expert may be necessary. Not identifying the right panel configuration You need to light to brighten up your house. The configuration comes in handy when it comes to allowing light into your home. The size of the panel you choose highly depends on the window size. You need to consider the distance between the panels since it determines the amount of light getting into your home. Make a wise choice in this case.