Making the Switch From Oil to Gas

Heating and cooling systems are as important to the function of a home as an engine is to an automobile. Controlling the temperature inside the home and having a properly maintained furnace is important to the longevity of a house. Drastic changes in temperature can prematurely age and damage the softer material used in drywall and plaster. Having the right kind of furnace system can also help people save a lot of money come winter time. A large portion of people in the country have already transitioned to natural gas, but many people are paying too much for other heating options.

Millions of Americans are still using oil systems to heat their homes. Oil is more costly than natural gas in a lot of ways. When oil prices peaked in recent years, Americans with oil heating systems paid an average of two-thousand dollars to heat their homes over the winter. This is more than twice the average cost of heating a home with natural gas. Oil operated furnaces can also cost anywhere from two to four times as much to replace as a natural gas system. If that isn’t reason enough, natural gas furnaces also burn cleaner than oil, making them a better choice for the environment.

Conversion to a natural gas or boiler heating system is cost efficient, fuel efficient, and a healthier solution for homeowners. The equipment needed to install either system will save families thousands of dollars up front. Unlike oil or propane which have to be delivered to the home by truck, natural gas is piped in directly from a utility service. Making the conversion does often require that homeowners line their chimneys so that the moisture from the natural gas does not cause corrosion to the masonry.

People considering the switch might also take into account that the majority of natural gas is mined in North America. As a domestic product, homeowners can rely on less variance in the cost of natural gas over time. A commercial boiler service can walk homeowners through the entire conversion process including helping them choose the right system for their homes. Most people who have made the switch have chosen a high-efficiency system that has paid for itself in a handful of years.