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Installing Your RTA Kitchen Cabinet: A Great DIY Project

It is no longer difficult to install your own kitchen cabinets because the internet gives us many design tools and resources. You can now purchase RTA kitchen cabinets in the market which are of high quality and very easy to put together and install. RTA kitchen cabinets are found almost anywhere. But the best deals really come from online RTA kitchen cabinet sales. Great savings is possible because you are buying directly from the manufacturer. Design tools and templates are ready helps for the customer who wishes to make an online purchase.

Look for these features when shopping online for a kitchen cabinet. Solid wood face frames, stiles and doors are the best choices. The cabinet should have a half inch or 5/8 inch plywood sides and not particle board or fiberboard. Get boxes held by cam lock assembly instead of screws or dowels. Solid wood backs or solid wood strips are for attaching to the studs. The drawer boxes should be solid wood with dovetailing. Choose one with European hinges and self closing, or epoxy drawer slides. Purchasing online is most convenient because they deliver it directly to your home.

RTA kitchen cabinets are very simple to assemble. With the use of cam locks, the basic box is held together which creates a nice tight box and a very strong one compared to one held by staples or dowels. The cabinet is assembled with a simple flathead screwdriver. If you have a drawer base cabinet, then a drill will be handy so that you can tighten the screws that need to hold the drawer slides and even the drawer faces together. Kitchen cabinet assembly can be done in a very short time. You don’t need to worry, the complete instructions on how to assemble the kitchen cabinet comes with the package.

The last step is the installation, after the assembly. The most important part of the process is the preparation because in most instances floors are not perfectly level and walls are not perfectly straight. To ensure that you kitchen cabinets are installed properly, check the high sports on the floor and bumps in the kitchen walls so you can take steps to correct it. Many websites give tips in the proper installation of kitchen cabinets. The step by step process of installing your kitchen cabinet is shown in these sites. You invest your time and labor for this DIY installation of your kitchen cabinets. Because this is a DIY project, you get great savings not only on the purchase but also on the installation of the kitchen cabinets. A DIY kitchen cabinet assembly and installation project is a very rewarding project, personally and financially.

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