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A Guide to Wooden Garage Doors

For many homeowners, they like wooden colors or even wooden grains on some areas of their home. Investment in wooden grains and wooden colors is pretty steep and it even depends on the kind of wood that is to be used, how the wood is treated, how the wood is cut, and how it is produced. The main concern any homeowner will have when they have wooden doors and other kinds of wood furniture and fixture is how they can maintain them and make them look as good as when they first bought them. The following advice and recommendations are important to note in order for you to be able to take good care of your garage doors, maintain their beauty, and keep them intact.

To protect your wooden garage doors really well, sealants are going to be truly useful. Sealants can definitely protect the wood from the harmful UV rays and also from severe weather conditions that can be a cause of light to severe damage to the garage doors. For the seams that are in between the panels to be very well protected, it is important and highly recommended that the panel doors be applied with acrylic latex caulk. If you have paneled wooden garage, you have to make sure that this is completed first before the application of the sealant. If you want to do repainting just to give the garage door different looks, you should do it just once every two years so that the color will not look faded and the garage door will not look too old.

If you live in a place that experiences varied weathers on a regular basis, ventilation for the garage is necessary. Condensation contributes to the wood deterioration and damages of the garage door, especially when the exposure is very frequent and for quite a period of time. On top of that, due to humidity and the temperature, the wood would most likely sag or even warp. For that reason, it is truly very important that there is proper ventilation inside the garage to minimize the damage your wooden garage doors will encounter.

On top of having to maintain the wood, other parts of the garage door like metals, also need to be well maintained and checked once in a while. Metals like rollers, springs, and hinges, may rust due to condensation. No matter how small the damage may be, it should be repaired and tended to as soon as possible. Any imbalance that may be due to cracks on the wood because of its weight or the door not being balanced properly, would lead to the door not properly opening.

Wood is a favorite by many people for fixtures and furniture because of its beauty and elegance.It also requires a lot of work to maintain. Which means, you should always remember to check them regularly.