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Why You Should Rent Furnaces

Before we tackle on the ins and outs of furnace rentals, it is wise if we first talk about what a furnace is. Furnaces are capable of adding heat into our homes. Large furnaces are the ones that are installed permanently so as to deliver heat to an enclosed interior area via movement of air, hot water, or steam. In most residential buildings, furnaces which utilized steam or hot water is commonly used. But nowadays, the most common source of fuel is natural gas. In some instances, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Fuel oil, wood or coal are still being used.

If we look into design and efficiency, furnaces can fall into four different broad categories.

The first classification is the natural draft furnace that is basically made of cast iron exchangers or riveted steel exchangers. This type of furnace works because warm air rises. Another plus for this type is that it can basically work with whatever fuel you use.

Forced Air Furnace on the other hand has a steel exchanger or a cast iron exchanger. Today, however, they are known to be good substitutes for natural draft furnaces which are bigger and older models. The heated air is moved by blowers with multi speeds. As a plus, this furnace can contain air conditioning systems.

Forced draft furnaces are known to be much more compact than the older models. This design has the capacity to make use of smaller heat exchangers due to its utilization of combustion air blowers. Aside from that, it uses lesser fuel as compared to the previous two. It can also be fitted along with central air conditioning systems.

The fourth category is the condensing furnace. This design is known to save greater fuel compared to the other three and is much more efficient. Water vapour and chemicals can be condensed as that heat exchanger eliminates the heat derived from exhausted gas. It also makes use of PVC pipes so as to avoid corrosion common with metal pipes.

After learning what furnaces are and its different classifications, it is safe to say that you now have an idea on what type of furnace you would want to rent. So what is the advantage of renting over purchasing one?

1. Monthly payments for rentals are much bearable for most as compared to the one-time payment you face when purchasing.

2.All replacement and future repairs are from your pockets should you decide to purchase.

3.When you rent, you will not have to worry about funding your future repairs or replacements.

4.The value of furnaces depreciate such that if you are to move to a new location, you will basically throw away any amount of your investment that you have not used.

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