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How to Choose Your Rope Lights

While most of the people will focus on understanding how to install rope lights, there is so much that needs be checked when it comes to buying the right lights for your needs. Each rope light will vary in design or application meaning that it will only work appropriately on a specific kind of application. Here are some of the things you should always consider when buying your rope lights to ensure that you get the right thing.

LED or Incandescent

The first choice would be between the cheaper but power intensive incandescent lights and LED lights. LED lights will definitely cost more but they save on power. The fact that LED lights have longer lifespans make them a great investment. To save on power and extend lifespan, you should always consider investing on LED rope lights. LED rope lights are a great option if you intent to run long lengths of rope light for long time.

120 volt vs 12 volt

If you are running 120 volt lights, you might not need a transformer. In addition to this, you can run longer lengths without losing much current. However, since the circuit carries higher voltage, it is more susceptible to electricity hazards. Using the 12 volt variants on delicate areas that are susceptible to water or accidents will help you mitigate the risks of major electric shock.

A kit or a spool

If you are thinking temporary installation, you should go with the installation kit. With a rope light kit, you will have what it takes to easily set up your decorations and pull them down once you are done with the party. A spool, on the other hand, is perfect for permanent installation. With spools, you can chop up the rope light and connect it as you please to no ill effect. This makes them perfect for permanent decoration.

The other thing to look at before choosing your rope light is the complexity of the decoration you want to implement. LED rope lights might be convenient but they are hard to implement complex designs with. With incandescent rope lights, you can always create a complex myriad of more than one two-wire ropes. In addition to this, there are more incandescent controllers with different configurations meaning that you can accomplish better decoration with these.

Always weigh your options before making your purchase. This will not only help you choose faster but also let you save on time and money.

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