Designing your Home: Custom Drapery

With custom drapes you are in complete control of the style, the design -every single detail of the drapery is up to you and your desires. It is lots of fun to choose your own draperies and design them according to your specifications, and you can certainly create an amazing look all your own when you do.

If you’ve decided that you want to purchase custom draperies to cover your windows, make sure that you take these tips into consideration before spending any money.

Measurements are Necessary

You need to take measurements of your window so that you know exactly how much fabric that is needed. But, make sure that you are measuring them carefully and precisely, allowing extra room for the hem on the bottom side of the curtain. It is recommended that you allow an extra 6-inches of fabric for them hem.

Type of Fabrics

There are so many choices in fabrics, and those choices extend far more than the style and the colors. While those are choices that you will need to make, the type of material that you will be using is also important. Before you buy consider the amount of care the particular type of fabric requires, as well as how it is washed, its durability and other factors. Of course with this keep in your thoughts your tastes and how the fabric will function with the rest of the room.


Of course the cost of the custom tailored drapery is something that everyone must consider. That is unless you have an endless supply of money. Purchasing custom made drapes will cost you more than other types of drapes, but they are very much worth it considering you’re getting a totally one-of-a kind style for your home. It is still more than possible to find the drapes at a great price, so don’t think that custom drapes are out of your price range. Talk to a fashion window expert to learn more. 

Professional Help Needed

Unless you are a seamstress you want to leave the creation of your custom made drapery to the pros. While it may seem that their creation is fairly simple it is likely that you will quickly discover that this is not the case. It is easy to compare the various seamstresses that are available, along with their pricing, to see who will be able to put together your creations for less. Take the short amount of time that is needed to make professional comparisons, and ask all of your friends and family to point you in the right direction of a qualified expert.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing custom made drapes is a lot of fun and it certainly makes it easy to create a look inside of your home that will be absolutely loved by all. With the help of a professional drapery artists there I no question that you can quickly and easily come up with the look that you love more than anything else. Use the tips lusted above to help you make the right purchase. It Is just that easy!