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Why Plantation Shutters are Good to Use in Your Home

While many believe that these plantation shutters originated in Greece, it was the Spaniards who actually introduced the Americans living in the south to use it in their homes. Many mansions on the south of the United States have been using plantation shutters from the time of the Spanish colonizers. These shutters give a lot of benefits to home owners including energy savings, privacy, and increased home value.

With plantation shutters in place you home is continuously kept cool because air can flow freely through the spaces in between slats. This type of ventilation helps to minimize energy bills because it can reduce cooled or heated air. It is possible to control the amount of natural light coming inside the house because these plantation shutters have adjustable slats. Closing the slats can completely block direct sunlight without stopping the natural light from coming in. Opening the slats completely will flood your room with direct sunlight. The heat and sunlight are kept out of the room during the hot, summer months and it also keep cold drafts out and keeps the heat in during the winter season. The temperature inside your room can be regulated simply by adjusting the slats. This can help bring down energy bills because there is no longer any need to use your air conditioner and your heater at the appropriate months.

These slats can control your privacy aside from controlling the amount of light entering the room. These plantation slats can also be adjusted depending on what view we want, so if you want to be able to see everything outside, you just open the slats completely, and if you want complete privacy inside your room, then you just need to close the slats or keep them at an angle. Closed or angled shutters will block the view from the outside. Because you can purchase customized shutters you can have it fit to your home’s design and needs. Plantation shutters are visually appealing in your home because of the crisp, clean lines of the shutters. This visual appeal increases the value of your home. Their versatility and affordability make this one good option for your home because they are cheaper than drapes. Plantation shutters are made from wood and this makes it easier to clean and maintain. They are also durable, and compared to vinyl blinds they are easier to clean.

It is not only because of energy savings that you benefit from plantation shutters but they are also very pleasing to the eyes. It has become a timeless accessory. If you want to saving in your energy bills, keep your home privacy, and increase the value of your home, then it is good to invest on plantation shutters. Home owners can choose from a wide array of options for shutter designs.

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