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A Quick Guide to Breast Surgery

It is no surprise that breast surgery is gaining more popularity with each passing year. Whether your breasts are too small, are sagging after childbirth or due to weight loss, there are several various cosmetic surgeries that can help you regain the ideal breast shape and size.

Breast Surgery–an Overview
For those women with bosoms that do not match to their body, breast surgery offers them with an ideal option of correcting this. As one age, the skin continues to lose its elasticity and causes the breasts to become saggy, unattractive and lose their youthful look. In the world today, there are many women who are considering reducing, uplifting or otherwise enhancing the appearance of their bosoms.

If you happen to fall into this category of women, be assured that there exists a surgical procedure to meet your individual needs. By undergoing cosmetic surgery, you can achieve the ideal breast size and shape and anything else that is related to the chest of a woman.
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The Types
Basically, there is four types of breast surgery- Augmentation, Reconstruction, Uplift, and Reduction.
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Otherswise known as mammaplasty, breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that is designed to increase the size of a woman’s breasts by surgically placing implants behind the breasts.

The implants used are of two types: the Saline-filled implants and the Silicone gel-filled implants. The implants are placed under the breast or breast tissue and chest muscle to increase the size of the breast or rebuild the breast tissue after mastectomy.

Women that have breasts that are large and heavy can be benefited from this surgery. Breast that are extremely large can be a cause of many physical discomforts like neck pain, backache, and shoulder pain. Breast the reduction is carried out to decrease the size of the bosom and achieve a size proportional to the body. The surgery lasts for around two to three hours and is helpful in reducing the pain that results from enormous breasts.

If your breasts are saggy after a pregnancy and breastfeeding or due to weight loss; you can opt for a breast lift. The surgery is done to produce a fuller bust by lifting the drooping boobs and firming them.

Breast reconstruction simply means rebuilding of a woman’s chest. The breast reconstruction surgery is used an option for women whose breast have been removed because of breast cancer. By utilizing different plastic surgery methods the cosmetic surgeon will try to restore the affected breast to a near normal shape, size, and appearance after the mastectomy. This surgery is also done to attain symmetry between the two breasts. The surgery involves more than one surgery and uses two methods to reconstruct the breast- use of the expander implant, and using tissue from a different part of the body.